Hiya, this is my personal page, with some impressions of what makes me tick and what I have to offer.

My #1 GOAL in life

is to inspire, equip and empower this global young generation at school to grow up changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture in record time, like their famous badass heroIne peers. What teens can do in one place, teens everywhere can do, right? Add live collaboration with the grand visionary changemakers of our time, and they grow up learning and im-ple-men-ting humanity’s finest solutions for peace, joy and abundance for all – now. It is already happening. I have found a way how to scale it.

So, like Polly, I am on the quest to transform civilization for the good of all species and generations to come – and it’s simple.

The heroInes’ campaigns are rolling, the media and methods for informal integration in education, media and civil society have been successfully tested with various user groups and settings on all continents. It is a win-win for everybody involved, like what Craig is doing in 12,000 schools, just bigger. All we need is get the message out, so inspired youth, parents, teachers, journalists and other professionals can get involved. And for this I call for the HELP of all people fueled with the DESIRE to at last achieve real positive change for people, planet and – OUR YOUNG GENERATION.


I do not seek recognition, and am not impressed by the away awards are handled in the unsustainable civilization. To me, the true honors are the ways of the warrior, and the gratefulness, HI5s and respect by real heroInes, caring moms, inspired educators and kids. There is one however that stands out:

I have been honored with the Images and Voices of Hope IVOH Award 2012, as luminaries like the founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline and the director of TED. IVOH is known as the Nobel Prize for media for a better world. And it’s people who really know. So, that one … is really cool.

YOUTH-LEADER (YL) has scored plenty of achievements over 10 years as Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, has attracted 10% of the total UN Online Volunteering UNOV workforce, teams have gained UNOV Awards 2010 and 2012,  and made youth leadership a year 2012 priority with german UNESCO.

CG RISING has scored Pacemaker Status in Ashoka’s re:imagine learning Challenge (LEGO Foundation) and continues to capture the imagination of supa minds that can’t wait for it to happen. “A game changer for humanity”.

Media, programs and educational tools in 18 languages have reached tens of thousands of people across cultures and age groups in 70 nations, seeded the fresh spirit of youth leadership to schools, events and media, and built countless friendly alliances.

For the first time in history, schools, instutions, media and parents embrace a youth-led movement (though it’s not a steered or controlled movement (which is good!) but a phenomenon : young heroInes popping up everywhere). Uniting hundreds of its leading figures, YOUTH-LEADER is virtually unstoppable. Everybody loves it. Now is the time to take it everywhere, and make a Speed Run to a Bright New World! It may be more than you ever hoped for.