Young People's Best Friend

– Zuulimag

The epitome of youth leadership

– Ken Jones

Eric's a legend

– teenage workshop participant

The best week of my life

– European Student Company Campus

Your kind of thinking is very rare

– Polly Higgins

Prolific, astounding, comprehensive, full of new learning

– Nancy Roof, Kosmos Journal

You should give TED Talks

– World renowned changemaker

The week's best session? Eric's on youth leadership. By far

European Youth Campus

An internet magician changing attitude and behaviour

– Helmut Burkhardt, President Council on Global Issues

Very good stuff

– Arthur Gillette, Director of UN Youth Division

The conference keynote should have been by you

– UNESCO World Conference

HI, this is my personal page, with some impressions on what makes me tick and what I have to offer.

My #1 goal in life is to inspire, equip and empower this gobal young generation at school (their common hangout for their ten forming years) to learn and implement humanity’s finest solutions for peace and abundance for all, in live and personal collaboration with the Einsteins and Gandhis of today, many of which are teens. I’m actively working full time to make it a reality – and it’s happening!

“It dawns to me that Eric is the world authority on youth-powered change and schools as hotspots of change.

His take on youth leadership – kids and teens as agents of change in their communities – opens our eyes to a sensational phenomenon that’s already touching millions through schools and big media. I feel positively shocked and humbled by my ignorance of this matter. My God, I feel so behind, but also terribly happy and excited.

Chapeau to the visionary who sees this fantastic future emerge, and thank you for giving us the tools to bring it about.”

- Dylan, session host

My publications bring the spirit of the change generation to a global audience at home, school and public.

“I never knew youth could do this. I’m floored by the potential.”

There’s incredibly positive things happening that you have no idea of! Let This Young Generation entice you to explore everything I have to offer. It’s all candy.

My flagship projects YOUTH-LEADER and CHANGE GENERATION RISING unite thousands of youth leaders, changemakers, organizations and volunteer citizens for spreading a culture of youth leadership in their cities and schools, and activating their communities for supporting changemakers, scaling and replicating their model solutions. People from 70 nations have embraced them for enriching their lives.

If your heart beats for empowering the young generation at grand scale for evoking massive transformational changes like their famous peers — join YL and CGRISING. You’ll love your impact!

What Drives Me in 2017


  • spreading YL stories and publications globally
  • publishing the Change Generation Rising book series
  • re-launching YL Magazine as the hottest positive news publication on the planet (EASY!)
  • more online seminars on youth leadership, strategy and positive news culture


  • seeding youth leadership MEDIA to thousands of schools
  • giving presentations and skype sessions, with our global team
  • connecting schools with teen hero field partners


  • founding thousands of student clubs
  • raising massive support for groundbreaking campaigns
  • kickstarting the SHE campaign for re-awakening our sense of the sacred feminine
  • and boost avantgarde solutions led by amazing folks

Will You Join Me?

Can you imagine unlocking the formidable potentials assembled in a global community of changemakers ready to train their generation change everything?

I seek friends and allies from all walks of life – youth, teachers, journalists, entrepreneurs, parents, funders, volunteers … to do everything in our power to spread youth leadership to every city on Earth and take these model solutions to scale. From a few minutes a week to full-time, your contribution can make a huge difference.


  • as user
  • as partner
  • as funder, donor
  • as volunteer
  • as organization
  • as activist


  • collaboration
  • consulting
  • dreaming


YL has scored plenty of achievements over 10 years as Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, has attracted 10% of the total UN Online Volunteering UNOV workforce, teams have gained UNOV Awards 2010 and 2012, Pacemaker Status in Ashoka’s re:imagine learning Challenge (LEGO Foundation), and made youth leadership a year 2012 piority with german UNESCO. Pioneering media, programs and educational tools in 18 languages, YL has reached people in 70 nations, seeded youth leadership in schools, events and media, and built countless friendly alliances.

For the first time in history, schools, instutions, media and parents embrace a youth-led movement (though it’s not a steered or controlled movement (which is good!) but a phenomenon : young heroInes popping up everywhere). Uniting hundreds of its leading figures, YOUTH-LEADER is virtually unstoppable. Everybody loves it. Now is the time to take it everywhere, and make a Speed Run to a Bright New World! It may be more than you ever hoped for.