People are inspired by teenage changemakers, but we need so much more! 80% of human behavior is shaped by role models. Will you feed your kids’ minds and hearts with the grins of greedy marketeers, celebrities and comedians, or with the finest spirit of humanity, actually empowering them to attain a life of love, liberty, peace and prosperity?

I serve hero*ines to take their solution stories, steps to success and services to humanity – to little children, to students, to professionals – so that changemaker spirit can become omni-present in our lives at home, online, at school, in public space – and we all can get constantly uplifted, learn on the go, and instantly get involved.

No one else does this stuff this way. Get this gold, seed it around you, and make the most of it.

I create and publish with a purpose to bring the spirit of youth leadership, #youthwecan, into every home, school, public library and workplace on the planet, with options for instant action.

Hence, I compose with a mix of heroines + solution stories + vivid visuals making it come alive and memorable + linked to multimedia contents + action guides = giving opportunities for instant action, connecting with heroInes on social media for integration in daily life (so easy!)

This makes these media open doors into the wide world of changemaking. Immersing in the multimedia meshed publications or the free Crash Course on Youth Leadership can be a veritable initiation, awakening one’s own inner heroIne. Interacting with them makes one part of that special societal strata of changemakers around the planet.

Readers can turn into users using the free tools and tactics and services. Signing up and taking action makes them part of a global tribe uniting featured heroInes and inspired readers.

One of my goals is to create omni-presence of youth leadership in daily life. This is how we can overcome the current worldview of apathy, shape positive worldview, vision, a sense of action and enable people to learn on the go.

Hence, I create formats for various user groups, setting and uses. Books reach individuals, profoundly. Posters reach many, as an appetizer. Wall and desk calendars create year-round presence and – in office, staff and waiting rooms, they reach colleagues and clients, also.

Imagine our young generation to grow up with teen and adult heroIne solution stories, with a sense that the solutions exist, powered by ordinary people? What will they evoke in their youth, and as adults? It can only be the better and beautiful world we wish to see!

What’s your ideas for making books etc super precious and powerful for young and adult readers?

Where can you seed these in your spheres of influence?

These books, calendars and tools are self-/published in 2019, and available via the YL store and partner shops.

They connect to powerful online multimedia contents – of what’s going on “LIVE” with the heroInes and causes.

They also build up on one another – which makes them even more cool.

Thus, inspired children and youth can follow their passion and gradually expand their learning experience, as well as get involved and take actions at local and inter/national level, backed by the interlinked global changemaker community.

Grow up dreaming of hero*ines.

Tales Of Teenage HeroInes

AGE 0+

Bed- and couchtime reading for people of all ages.

Short stories of 49 heroInes, brought to life with vivid visuals highlighting key moments of their initiatives.

Inspired readers can follow QR codes to webpages with selected videos, music, and connect on social media.


Wall Calendar Girl & Women HeroInes

AGE 6+

12 months. 12 large sized portraits of outstanding girl and women changemakers with groundbreaking solutions for the great challenges of our time. Follow QR codes to explore their multimedia profiles, boost! their initiatives by donations, getting family and colleagues involved.

Desktop Calendar Me & My HeroInes

AGE 6+

52 weeks. 52 heroInes. 52 stories. Linking to 52 online profiles. 50+ UNITED NATIONS Theme Days. Plus music! Uplift your daily life with the spirit and solutions of the world’s brightest heroInes. Learn solutions on global issues on-the-go. Inspire others with the silent presence of shining changemaking spirit in offices, class-, staff- and waiting rooms. What kind of a person will you be one year from now?

Mobilize, Make Instant Impact, Build Community

The Pop-Up Poster Exhibit "New Kids On The Planet"

An intro to Youth Leadership feat. 24 / 48 HeroInes. Flip sides for one-sentence or full-story version. Alternatively, create a “toggle”-style text field to “flip” open. 1- to 8-page sized. Available in many languages. Great for use at school, in public, in libraries, at events, town fests

Presentation Kit "Youth Leadership"

AGE 12+

Introduction to Youth Leadership. Multimedia. Interactive. Global Top 24 HeroIne story posters. Videos. Music. Action guides for instant action. Feedback forms to harvest feedback. Info on follow-up options as YL crew, club ‘n’ clan.


"Walk The Hero's Path" Workshop Pack

AGE 12+

World-premiere Workshop Pack! Retrace the roadmaps of world champ heroInes from start to wild success! Detect 108 magic tricks in action. Next, re-create your favorite causes’ heroInes’ roadmap using their story, your action cards and your scribble skills. Finally, take an empty roadmap and draft your campaign using everything you got! Comes with 24 additional heroInes and action guides.


Discover and awaken the Inner Hero*ine.

The Hero's 7 Virtues

AGE 7+

A Story, Activity & Coloring Book. 

What makes a heroIne? What inspires us so much? Learn from 7 extraordinary young heroInes embodying the 7 Cardinal Virtues in their work and personality to feel, detect and unlock these superpowers in yourself! Full of interactive features, reflection, arts, documentation – and action.

Join, support and localize the 7 heroInes’ initiatives! Select your challenge level, use a wide range of tools, tricks and tactics, and evoke real world impact! Complete all 7 missions to earn a very special Badge and enter the Hall of Fame. Welcome to the Path of the Hero!

Grow up playing with hero*ines.

The YL Cardgame

Age 4+

A mix of Top Trumps, Yu-Gi-Oh! and LoL with real-world ratings based on 48 real-world heroInes’ achievements!

Simple, advanced and flexible rules for kids and teens of different age

Backsides with 48 short stories and QRs linking to videos make your deck a “multimedia book”, pocket companion, conversation starter, workshop and teaching tool. Grow up playing with your fav heroInes!

Turn inspiration into action.

Me & My Heros We Save Planet Earth

AGE 6+

Friends & Family Activities.

Dive deeper into the stories of 24 HeroInes. Go behind the scenes, read intimate interviews with fascinating anecdotes and insights to the world of changemaking. Contribute on social media and replicate their initiative in your home, school and city – involving friends, family, reaching into schools and workplaces to get people involved! Activities encompass the environment, natural and cultural heritage, food, peace, media and more.

Make youth leadership part of life at school and beyond.


AGE 10+

A Manual for seeding and evolving Youth Leadership.

An illustrated, VR-animated multi-media activity book introducing readers to the full spectrum of youth leadership – young heroInes, videos, music, instant support actions, mobilizing friends, organizing fundraisers Philantro-Parties, presentations, workshops, exhibits at school, founding student clubs, and an overview of YL tools and services at their disposal.

Next level : badass action!

Mighty Teens : Upgrade The City!

AGE 12+

A Friend- and Club Activity Book. 

Join 24 HeroInes taking on grand challenges, and transforming the way things work. Study action guides, use simple yet powerful methods to mobilize peers and citizenry with allies at school, media and organizations. Join the great teen and twen heroInes of our time for boosting their initiatives to greater scale and boost peace, justice, joy and abundance in your region. The time of boring is over. Now life turns real adventure.