I produce media, tutorials etc of all sorts for everybody to learn and coach themselves at their own pace. But sometimes, face to face encounters have value, right?

I’m available to coach and converse via skype, in workshops, project weeks, camps, conferences … bringing everything I know, badass vision, zero tolerance for suboptimal, distractive nonsense … a bagfull of rocking videos, music, stories … latest news from a thriving global tribe … instant action opportunities for everybody present … and my full attention and desire to make caring citizens and young budding hero*ines unfold their powers and achieve their dreams beyond their wildest dreams.

Plus, I don’t leave you empty-handed. I bring access to a planetary tribe, year-round action, and I’ll accompany your changemaking journey. 

My Approach
“Heroines are so inspirational” – this means : they inspire people to get up and get involved. It actually fires up their inner flame, their spirit, their Inner HeroIne. That’s how change happens.

Hence … my priority focus is on helping people have an EXPERIENCE.

This requires that we permit people to open their hearts, and open their minds, also some time, and preferably opportunity to turn their newly found passion into action through follow-up activities.

Through YL, I provide options galore. The session’s organizer should just be aware that this session is best meant as a potential spark and kick off for more, self-organized by inspired youth.

If we can only meet via video

  • you should prepare your group with the Presentation Pack, homework etc.
  • so that we have a common understanding for a profound conversation


Inspiration has little value, if you receive a brief feelgood moment, feel some hope and vision of “what could be, in your life, for your generation, for the future” … but are left empty-handed, doomed to feel powerless, isolated, and switch back to boring as usual.

I am not satisfied with this. i want you to be confident and ready to do things and be part of the Change Generation.

I offer a wide range of efficient tools for spreading the inspiration, taking instant action on favorite causes, making youth leadership present at schools, libraries, the workplace, in public space and media. This means you can start taking action on important, popular causes, mobilize schools, build community, make impact and headlines with flying banners!

Tools are one thing, but in isolation, one’s potentials are limited.

What if you had some guidance, exciting partners, community and support?

I can provide such for inspired youth, teachers and citizens.

Speakers galore, a couple of causes, petitions, a cookie sale for Christmas … there’s more than that, bigger than this, more important and needed things.

I have a lot of instant high impact actions for you – in direct collaboration with your favorite teen and twen heroInes – giving a feel of your agency and big impact within a couple of days and weeks.

If people don’t care, why should we meet? Do you want me to inspire a group of uncaring people? Shouldn’t I be used for more relevant and advanced matters?

  • One reason why people don’t care is that they do not know of the exciting world of youth leadership.
  • We can ignite people’s care and interest by showing them the amazing things young people are rocking for people and planet – in their own, powerful words and videos.

Me and YL Volunteer (Messengers) do give Presentations, with videos, stories etc. at schools and conferences

  • but it makes no sense via Skype

I recommend that you prepare, using the Presentation Pack



Group preparation, viewing

  • a couple dozen heroIne stories
  • videos and music
  • essentials of youth leadership
  • also at school

gives us a common bottom line, shared worldview, passion and understanding. Also, it gives students time to digest, discuss, re-define themselves, dream up questions and ideas.

Instead of me flying in like an alien UFO, giving a presentation about a diferent world … we can then have a conversation.

For an optimal encounter, I recommend preparing with the YL Presentation Pack on youth leadership

  • introducing your group to various heroInes
  • their spirit and passion
  • causes and actions for everybody
  • powerful, amazing videos, music and stories
  • simple steps of action

You can

  • assign a homework : each student studies the poster / online profile of one heroIne
  • each student presents his hero/ine to class, puts up their poster
  • creating a highly intensive session, with everybody involved
  • creating a poster exhibit
  • with time for feedback, experiencing shared passion, burning questions and ideas
  • and inspiration for instant actions
  • 2 hours are enough, you can make it 4

Then is a fantastic time for us to meet!

  • at eye- and heart-level, with shared passion and vision
  • for Q&A, to deepen understanding
  • to share fun, amazing anecdotes
  • maybe even already celebrate common achievements?!

I have found that it makes the most of encounters.

P.S.: We use heroInes’ action guides (story, video, interview, social media, action steps) to prepare for skype / school meetings with Teenage Hero Speakers, to make it most fun and relevant for everybody involved, give back to the heroInes and be part of positive change.

The more that you give for people and planet, the less you have to give back to me and my lifetime invested.

= FREE Skype Meetings for Changemakers

= Donations to YL/heroInes for everyone else 

Popular Topic Focus


in general – and specifics


how to spark it, unfold it, align it with learning culture


parents, teachers, citizens, city, donors, ngos … YOU! … to empower the Change Generation


priority purpose of media in society, and their role in achieving a peaceful, sustainable, thriving civilization


IDEC Intl. Democratic Education Conference, Australia

UNESCO Decade of ESD Half-time Conference, Germany

UNESCO Decade of ESD Completion Conference, Germany

Youth & Water, Ecoclubes Intl. Conference, Argentina

IYONS Conference of Intl. Youth Organizations, India

Intl. Student Companies Campus, Germany

Erde Nach Vorn Kindergipfel, Germany

Intl. European Youth Week, Germany

Global Learn Day, USA

Images & Voices of Hope IVOH Summit, USA

COP 20, Peru

COP 21, France

G8 Summit, Germany

Rio+20 Conference, Germany

Intl. Peace Festival, Germany

Vision Summit for Social Business, Germany

Evolution of World Order Conference, Canada

INST.AT The Unifying Aspects of Cultures, Austria

“Best session of the event, by far.” European Youth Week

“You should have given the keynote.” UNESCO conference

“Best week of my life.” Student Company Campus participant

What makes me … a rare species as speaker?

  • experience with societies, nature travel, initiated to cultures’ sacred traditions
  • positive news journalism, many solutions and changemakers
  • insights into youth leadership, heroInes’ personal stories
  • knowledge of model schools, innovators, teachers
  • generalist expertise in sustainability sciences
  • awesome dad, bro, companion
  • social entrepreneur
  • bubbly personality
  • adventurous
  • “Eric, do it. Young people need more extreme views.”
  • badass ally of our wonderful daughters of the goddess #metoo

+ wait for it … I LOVE YOUNG PEOPLE !!

  • I see their powers and potentials
  • I like their vitality and honesty
  • they are so much more fun
  • they are free from bogus ideologies
    unless they’ve already been handicapped by insane adults
  • they can unfold and wield the superpowers of young people at school
  • they may actually implement what they learn, for the good of people and planet.

Yay! That’s the reason why I actually do spend my time speaking with people. Otherwise, I’d prefer to hang out in a backpacker hostel at a riverbend in Laos.


I can help you spark

  • positive worldview on youth, the future, solutions, the power of one
  • intrinsic motivation – for contributions in class, for projects
  • a self-organized high impact student club, equipped with tons of tools
  • field partnership projects with teen and twen heroInes abroad
  • long-term activities at school, aligned with UN Days

and, with a focus on teachers

  • new understanding of positive change oriented youth as our new highly gifted
  • rediscovering the purpose of schooling – to nurture able, active citizens of a libertarian-democratic society, which today has to be sustainable, in a global, harmoniously collaborating family of nations
  • youth-powered co-working spaces : Informal Sustainabilty Learning Environments ISLEs
  • involving parents, citizen volunteers, collaborate with journalists and organizations

backed by a global tribe.

I can help you

  • inspire folks
  • strengthen your power and confidence
  • broaden vision for your cause and generation
  • show powerful yet hidden adult allies
  • with resources and tools galore
  • with partners and community
  • with benefits for your personal, idealist and professional lives
  • right now during school and in the future
I can help you

  • strengthen hope and trust in positive change
  • understand the new powers of young people, especially at school
  • with tools, tips, resources for connecting with youth at school
  • with tools for Presentations, Exhibits and Workshops
  • discover adult allies in citizenry, schools and media
  • learn of good practices in your field
  • learn about positive news media culture
  • find partners
I can help you with fresh, exciting opportunity to

  • inspire and empower the young generation
  • in your focus region/s
  • also at school
  • boost outstanding teen and twen heroInes with high impact solutions, through finance and in-kind support
  • invest in innovative YL program, media, tools, app etc.
Events & Theme Weeks
I can help you with inspirational

  • youth-contents
  • action-orientation
  • videos and poster exhibit
  • change generation music
  • interactive for kids and families
  • fundraisers for young heroInes
  • books to purchause and take home
  • partners and campaigns
  • activities for schools
  • pre- and post-event activities
  • positive news media coverage
I can help you

  • learn about positive news media
  • your true purpose in society. Yup
  • with inspirational coverage on youth
  • what makes articles inspirational?
  • what inspires action?
  • how equip readers to turn into users
  • how nurture youth leadership in your city
  • how empower the citizenry
  • with resources for weekly columns, aligned with UN Days
  • with (local) allies for sourcing and co-producing hero stories
I can help you

  • inspire and mobilize the workplace community
  • affirm and live your shared values, aspirations and priorities as adults, citizens, parents
  • shift from inhabitants of an un- to a sustainable society
  • to support teen and twen high impact changemakers abroad
  • through donations, PhilanthroParties
  • in-kind, also with long-term partnerships, bringing in your ideas, meeting “live”, even go visit
  • to boost local youth leadership, by seeding media, giving presentations, making exhibits
  • by offering workshops, spaces, mentoring inspired youth teams (on demand)
  • by supporting young changemakers’ initiatives, inkind, with trainees…
  • by sponsoring prizes