We need our young generation to grow up with the new mind-, skill- and feelset of the next level collaborative society – no longer voters but able, active caring citizens – implementing humanity’s finest solutions in their regions.

I help you make youth leadership / changemaking / creating a good world for all part of learning culture and daily life at school, in simple common sense steps already used in 10,000’s of schools, with win-win benefits for teachers, students, parents and the greater community.

Youth, teachers, citizens from all walks of life, you all can make this happen in record time. Get involved!

Berlin, education law §1 (!!!)

The Purpose Of Schooling




Bring global issues to life with authentic stories, videos, music, current social media of today’s finest teenage heroInes changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture at record scale, demonstrating how youth everywhere can protect people and planet, restore peace, joy and abundance for all, and shape the future.


A multi-faceted introduction to “young people as agents of change in their communities”, which has been part of civic education in North America for fifty years, but is still practically unknown and non-existent in every other part of the planet. In today’s context of escalating crisis, global learning and social media, child and teen heroInes pop up everywhere, in response to local and global problems. This Presentation shows 24 mega heroInes with favorote causes for everybody, in lush imagery, powerful videos, their music and action guides. For best impact and student participation, assign each student a homework for preparation. Get ready to culminate in founding a student club and agreeing on instant actions.


24 or 48 HeroInes in small or large poster form. Flip cards for interaction, QR codes link to multi-media online profiles with videos and action guides. Use as teaching tool and / or for long-term presence to reach and involve the entire school community, also parents. Make it interactive, add fundraisers and actions for favorite heroInes, use as backdrop for photoshoots with parents at school fests, farmers markets, to get into the media, to present at other schools, at conferences, festivities in town, and more.

The most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen. It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too.

This is what school should always be like.

Students want you to come back, and learn what they can do.

Treating global issues has turned from doom and gloom to inspiring and empowering.

The posters were a smash hit with the students. You should have been there!

The most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet ones had something to say. Students are inspired and wish to get involved.

The best role models. I need this for all my classes.

The exhibit was the best of the entire school project day. All students and teachers agree,

The stuff that makes you say – Sign me up!

This should be at all schools.


YL Tutorial

A self-guided, self-paced multi-media immersion in youth leadership, with stories, videos, reflection and feedback forms. We use it as training for YL staff, but this makes it perfect for anyone who should have a proper understanding of the most important phenomenon of our time. It’s great for teachers, student leaders, and can also be used as a class assignment, and for a certificate. After viewing, reflecting, following leads to fav’ heroInes and their latest actions YOU will have your OWN feelings, passions, anecdotes to share, making your presentation and dealing with this more “alive”, “spontaneous”, “flow” = you’re a great messenger. Easy! So take 2 hours, lock the door, dive in, take the course.


So … now that you all love this, what’s causes, heroInes you like to support right away? Shall this be part of life at school? Ok, let’s found a student club, you have my support, and get started with the first set of actions – using the “High Impact Actions Starter Pack”.


Found a changemaker student club uniting passionate students across classes and grades, equipped with hundreds of high impact activities, solutions, ace support and community. As they take action on their favorite causes, they will inspire more youth at their and other schools, develop into fantastic mentors and role models, gain media presence, contribute to subjects, upgrade learning culture at school, score tons of awards and make school a hub of learning and innovation for the community once again.


The missions in Change Generation Rising, based on heroines’ initiatives, provide goal-orientation, tracking progress, measuring impact, documenting results, and  multi-faceted activities, including media work, public speaking and news presence. They can be used in subjects, course work, project weeks, for school fests, youth action days, extracurricular activities, field trips … and there’s official badges, too.



You have an enormous lot of fantastic tools, resources and partners at hand. Spend some time exploring. Pick a couple. Stay connected via newsletters and social media, DISCOVER MORE on the go. 

Keep in mind, YOU need not organize all those activities ALONE. You have an EVER GROWING TEAM OF COMPETENT YOUTH around you. That’s why the team / student club makes all the difference.


Here’s a big, fat magic trick: Make every teacher of a class … be it music, math, geography, chinese … include youth leadership / better world action ONCE per semester … a topic, a video, a presentation … with 10 subjects this makes 10 activities in 20 weeks … at school, every second week feels like “all the time” … thereby, creating a world of awesome is no longer a fringe luxury issue for crazy “anomalies” but becomes NORMAL part of education and life. THIS has huge impact on young people’s worldview.  We call this the non-formal YL Curriculum. All it takes is for the student club to gather with their fav teachers to agree and get all teachers involved.

NOTE: Do it fun, casual, with genuine passion for the topic and activity you choose to do this ONE time in your otherwise conventional subject teaching. #StopBeingBoring


Encounters with Eric, YL staff and changemakers, on youth leadership, specific heroInes, cases, topics, your local challenges and projects… via Skype, at school … prepare with stories and resources to spark burning questions, meet at a shared level, or even celebrate common achievements and plans for follow-up action.


A YEAR-ROUND STREAM OF ACTIONS unfolds by alignment with current UN Days … of water, girls, youth, forests, friendship, family, peace, food, charity … giving rhythm, perspective to the abundance of causes and optional activities AND acting on occasion of UN Days also helps connect with teachers, journalists, the city, and organizations FOR GREATER REACH & IMPACT. You*ll love it. We’re shaping the future together!


Taking actions is great, but long-term projects with influence on entire regions are super inspiring also. Team up with world famous teen and twen heroInes, to boost their initiatives to greater regional, national and international scale. Fundraise, mobilize, meet live, dream up your own ideas, build alliances, even go visit.


First actions are fine, now Go Pro. Follow the footsteps of brlliant changemakers from start to mega success and get to understand the simple actions that generate massive media presence, community-building and support. Equipped with 108 actions, your group is ready to launch the biggest campaigns in the country, on major global causes.

That is how we shape the now and future, and how we empower an entire generation to grow up learning and implementing thumanity’s finest solutions for peace, joy and abundance, in real-time collaboration with the Einsteins, Gandhis and Griffindores of our time. The model is already active at 12,000 schools with WE SCHOOLS, and can now be upgraded to include more heroInes, social entrepreneurship, and 

transformational solutions. #MakeSchoolAwesome

My advice is sourced from twenty years in the global education community.

I have met several founders and captains of avantgarde education networks, the fathers of the Finnish success model, have seen model schools and learning methods from France to Russia, the USA to India, state, democratic, and UNESCO schools, in New York City, the Bronx, forest schools, eco-villages, in dictatorships, in the inner, village and slum.

I know Montessori, Service-Learning, Living Values, Global Learning, Intercultural Education, Global Citizenship Education, WE Schools, Wilhelm Skole International, Un-Schooling and more.

I have collaborated with Education for Sustainable Development ESD projects on five continents. led a project with 4x Decade for ESD status, been a member of UNESCO’s National Round Table for the Implementation of the DESD in Germany.

And … I know a ton of precious stuff that educators don’t know – the world of youth leadership, changemaking, positive news, sustainability solutions, personal development – like a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural scholar – operating at the heart of the changemaking movements, and the tidal wave of the new, good, planetary civilization.

I can give you simple, efficient, quality tools, steps and support for making “creating a good world for all” part of life at school, occasionally or daily, meshed with learning culture – with countless win-win benefits, without stress on time, training or finance – wherever you are, whatever the setting of your school.

My Philosophy / Approach
We, Young People
We, young people, spend the bigger part of almost every day of our lives at school. For ten plus years. It’s an enormous co-living environment, and the experience is usually highly suboptimal, for several reasons. I say we best take it on from the human side : making life at school awesome, by taking exciting, fun, uplifting action on causes we care about, with real-world impact. We do so in real-time cooperation with the Gandhis and Einsteins of today, implementing humanity’s finest solutions for restoring peace, joy, and abundance for all in our local and global community.

By doing so

  • we live our values, cherish each other’s talents, build bonds, common vision, and evolve into able, active, caring citizens, into co-creators and stewards of peaceful, thriving, sustainable societies.
  • we override, “overwrite” and dissolve remaining patterns of racism, sexism, chains inherited from earlier societies of monarchy, fascism, totalitarian religion.

This is exactly what the world needs. Cultivate the light, and darkness disappears. Bliss heals trauma. Abundance ends poverty.


We, Teachers
We, the teachers, wish to see succeeding youth, love seeing them self-organize themselves in projects and manifest beautiful creations. We actually love them to become active citizens, able to restore peace, joy and abundance for people and planet. It has been a wound in our hearts for decades to not be able to nurture this. Now we can – through youth-powered club activities. We cannot inspire these as adults. For this, we need teenage heroIne role models and partners that provide the “balls, rules, songs” to perform (the change the world projects, tools and methods demonstrated by young changemakers). It’s a dream come true for educators, and teachers at 12,000 schools involved in the WE SCHOOL and WE DAY program are already living it. We can now adapt and vastly upgrade it, by integrating the enormous scope of activities and opportunities offered by hundreds of teen and twen changemakers around the planet.


We, Parents
We, the parents, wish to see our kids thrive, find real friendship, confidence, love, live with integrity, unfold badass skills that empower them to pave their path in life, take their harmonious place in society, in harmony with co-workers and neighbours. And we wish them to keep, restore and evolve peace, joy and abundance in their homes, streets, communities, cities and countries. They do not learn this from tv, nor from us non-hero parents, or on a week-end workshop. They learn it by growing up dreaming, feeling and taking action with and like their finest hero peers. The only possible place to do so is school. The only space to live it at relevant time and depth is school. The only timeframe to learn it is during school. there is not sufficient time to do this from age 18+, when work- and family-life take up lifetime. The only large-scale daily collaborative community is the school community of hundreds, even thousands across town. Adults do not have access to all that. Young people at school have unique superpowers, including good standing with media and supporters.


The New Role Models
The new Role Model – successful citizens, changemakers

“You never change things by criticizing existing reality. To change something, create a new model making the current model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

This happened to the horse cart, the steam engine and bonded labour. Now, the new solutions for a sustainable society exist, and are to be implemented.

We shifted from minions of monarchy to voters in toxic, unsustainable, “bugged”, newbie democracies. Now we shift to the next NEW HUMAN MODEL able to co-create and run a new level of co-creative, sustainable society.

This new human model runs on hi-speed, creative, joyful, multicolored software. The powerful, passionate energy that today’s young changemakers display.

Older generations that were early pressed into a restrictive straight jacket through rigid work discipline at home, boring schooling, and forced to “obey and listen” to ideology, superstition and racism of unsustainable societies still run on a win 95 operating system. They cannot even run this passionate software. Youth leaders run on a fluid, opensource, non-proprietory operating system that is ever evolving, its heart meshed with the living cosmos and planetary organism.

Attention : Outdated adult generations forcing / copy-pasting their mindset on today’s kids forces them to also fail, be unsustainable and non-peaceful, poor, poisoned and polluted by ever more pervert media. Listen well and learn from the few geniuses who succeed :

“The idea (of education) is not to turn us into your kind of adults. But into better adults than you have been.” – Adora Svitak

“Education is not a product to be bought and sold, but a public good to be protected and shared. As vital as our waterways and our national parks, the mountains outside and the air we breathe. You, as educators, do the work of nation-building.” – Adora Svitak

Youth leaders clearly represent that new ROLE MODEL. They are the new “highly gifted”. We respect talented ball dribblers, musicians and artists, and many follow their example, to feel like them, and unlock the same skills in oneself. Here is the new species that shows us how we can solve the enormous chalenges of today. They tick in a certain way, they have a certain “inner alchemy”. They live the cardinal virtues in action.

Now, let’s make their ways, priorities, activities part of daily life for the young generation.


The Experience & Learning Environment
The experience environment that nurtures this new, (more) conscious, (more) holistic human model has been successfully implemented in society for fifty years. Lucky us!

Youth Leadership, “(training) young people as agents of change in their communities” learning how to detect problems, design projects, manage them and pass on leadership to younger peers once one moves on (e.g. leaving one’s hood to go to college).

However, this must not be done by boring, annoying people, forcing youth to obey and function, and “like” things and “open their heart” and care. Help, this would make things worse. Stop forcing youth to do things that close to zero adult is able to do! These youth now have to solve the abominations that adults KEEP piling up on them, and are uncaring and incompetent to solve. So drop the dominant teacher bullshit, stand back humbly, and take time to learn from the pro’s.

For example, WE SCHOOL educators, or Earth Guardians gently, informally make “creating a good world for all” present in young people’s lives. Intrinsic motivation moves a certain %age of youth to find their passion, dream up, propose and implement activities. Next, a larger %age of youth making the experience of how enjoyable it is, join in. Like trees and plants, human nature unfolds organically and slowly, with its right dose of sunlight and shade, water, wind and fellow plants and animals.

Kick Off and Evolution
For many youth and ultimate impact, you need a wide scope of causes, activities, tools, partners and a platform for communication with a global community. I have founded YOUTH-LEADER to provide all of that.

Key 1 are inspirational stories, in authentic, memorable form.

  • “The most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen. It makes me feel I ant to get up and do something, too.”
  • “I never knew young people could do this. This gives me so much hope.”
  • “This is sensational. I am floored by the potentials.”
  • “This should be at all schools.”

Key 2 is an abundance of heroInes, actions, vivid videos, and their music. This is included in the YL PRESENTATION PACK

  • “The most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet students had something to say.”
  • “Students are inspired and ask how they can get involved.”
  • “This is what school should always be like.”

Key 3 is long-term presence, for example using the YL POSTER EXHIBIT to reach one’s whole school community

  • Everybody agrees – the best thing at the school project day was the exhibit.”
  • “I want to do this at my local public library.”

Key 4 is a deeper understanding of tactics and tools how teenage heroInes succeed. The YL WORKSHOP PACK follows the footsteps of teen heroInes from start to mega success.

  • This is impressive. I know that I have 100 simple, powerful steps to inspire people and get into the media, now.
  • I am sure that this is going to work with most young people, anywhere

Key 5 is the foundation of a local group, a student club

  • with instant cool actions to take

Key 6 is continuity, countless options to join ongoing global campaigns

  • YL ANNUAL UN DAY CALENDAR of actions, to connect with teachers, media, organizations for greater fun, reach and impact

Key 7 is support

  • skype meets
  • speakers
  • crash course
  • field partners

Key 8 is to feel part of something greater

  • global community
  • actions documented on YL, social and news media
  • adventure reality game style to UNVEIL that we are actually living Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings in the shape of this world.

Impulses can be given in class, in projects, on school fests etc., but the real, long-term action has to unfold self-paced, in self-organized group activities, preferably in student clubs, which are practically youth-founded organizations – uniting caring students across classes and grades, and reaching out to like-hearted youth at other schools, too.

Inspired student clubs shall not be hidden away in room 302 on wednesday afternoon, but get the best, brightest spaces in school to set up their common headquarter. Their meeting spot should be like a “hub” co-working space used by social entrepreneurial communities, a casual gathering space with posters, exhibits, films, yummy food, like a changemaker fair. From a pedagogical perspective, this is an Informal Sustainability Learning Environment, ISLE, powered by students, serving the entire school community. And it’s the favorite hangout for all the cool people. How cool is that?

Of course, not ALL students will be super actively involved. There is diversity among humans. Some are eagles, others butterflies, moles, sheep. My experience is that 95% appreciate, respect, honor, love youth leadership, 80% agree that it should be part of life at school, and are ready to get involved at some point, 20% are willing to get active right away. Hey, if just one per class joins the core team, that’s 20 or 50 at school. That’s an army. And their actions will reach and influence all their peers every day, for years. That’s what WE teams do at 12,000 schools. And we can do this wayyy bigger now, with

  • 100+ heroInes
  • 400+ actions
  • exhibits, presentations, field partners, speakers, visits
  • missions, warrior clans
  • badges for completed missions
  • credits for impact and headlines made
  • level up for 3 missions, maximum to Level 100
  • documenting activities in YL magazine, social media, app
  • an in personal Warrior Chronicles, as a CV of Awesome

“The epitome of youth leadership.”

“A game changer for humanity.”

In short – let’s make school awesome.