Have you noticed how at America’s Got Talent 2016 and 2017 were won by a 12 year old? And in 2017, the runner-up was 10. Of course they had passed with Golden Buzzers. And adults simply had no chance against this pure spirit. These kids even only started two years earlier and taught themself using youtube videos.

Then, there’s the kids that have grown up skateboarding and rockclimbing as toddlers. At age 9, they participate in international competitions and they beat professionals. Sky Brown is one example, and she shows how these children free to live their passions also have an open heart and the passion for helping their peers.

Kids outperforming adults is a novelty in human history.

This is a brilliant signal of our time, by Future Sciences, announcing a new trend for society. And that’s the best thing that can happen to us in terms of shifting to a society of able, active citizens, as adult generations today are failing badly in everything peace, prosperity, sustainability.

This brings us to another new species of “Golden Buzzer Kids” … teenage heroInes doing good for people and planet, and they also outperform adult organisations! And they are a mass phenomenon, already. It does not take years to grow up with it as a toddler. But we have to enable kids and teens to learn and get involved as early as possible.

The best thing about this is that a) they get inspired by videos and stories. b) it is precious part of learning culture, so that teachers are our allies. Together, we can easily empower an entire generation to grow up with this spirit, evoke enormous changes and become an entirely different species as grown-up able, active, caring citizens than we have ever seen.

This shift is at least as dramatic as the shift from centralized monarchy to de-centralized democracy. Democracy today is yet very infantile. People are alphabetized but not literate in applying it in different contexts. And they lack the spirit. Now is the time to shift to distributed co-creative societies and the role models have appeared. And they create the videos for knowledge transfer and spirit transfer

I hope that this raises your attention to a maximum – so that your next step is to explore youth leadership to the fullest and learn how you can make it part of our daily lives at home, school, the workplace, in media and public space,

I create different entry points for different user groups. A film, the books, the online exhibit, the free Crash Course (that’s what everyone should take to really know and get rocking) – CHOOSE YOURS!