There is need for way more in every aspect of youth leadership, education, changemaking … whatever we are seeing is at best 10% of what’s needed and possible. I don’t understand how people can celebrate a good practice and not support and scale it globally, not replicate it in their home region.

I take the best model I find, combine them, polish them up, always thinking of how can I best serve the living planet, humanity, the changemakers, young people and adults yearning for positive change – with instant impact and rich benefits for everyone involved.

I find that’s evident and simple. But maybe that’s because I’ve grown up as fantasy gamer, and have been hammered into shape by an ancient warrior around the sacred fire among the savages.

Anyways, now check these out, trust in me, and give all you’ve got to make all this happen in record time, rain blessings on humanity, and empower the Change Generation to wirld humanity’s finest knowledge in every part of the planet.

These projects are born from questions HOW we can achieve key steps to empowering humanity with humanity’s finest solutions knowledge and support. I’m pretty sure that some answer some dear aspirations of yours.

Knowing what changemakers need and use, I compile and polish up best practices, so that

  1. busy youth can live their dreams to protect what they love and create a life and world of awesome
  2. busy teachers, journalists, etc. can boost their professions
  3. busy citizens and parents can uplift their lives

in simple, efficient ways, adding value and benefits to their personal, idealist and professional lives.

Serve yourself, get involved.

How can each of us bring Youth Leadership to our schools, workplaces, media, public spaces, and into the homes, hands and hearts of our kids?


serves as platform for the promotion of youth leadership

  • publications : books, coloring books, cardgame, poster exhibits
  • linked to multi-media online profiles, action guides … all on this page
  • for youth, teachers, everybody

with deep information, powerful examples, tools, tactics and support

How can we tell the New Story of humanity’s hottest plotline – the Rise of the Change Generation?


follows the unfolding adventures of today’s teen and adult heroInes, connects live to their streams and campaigns, aligned with current UN Days, full of inspiring videos, music and action opportunities …


The old societal narrative no longer serves us. Which worldview, knowledge and story serve our aim of empowered able youth and citizens able to co-create a sustainable world of peace, justice, joy and abundance for all?

We clearly see this new world and story emerging, embodied in its protagonists : millions of changemakers, teens and adults.

We invite tons of user contributions, feature local crew, clubs and clans actions and more – publishing across platforms

  • social media
  • web magazine
  • micro-magazine; 10 page folded flyer
  • print magazine for cafes, homes, schools
  • wall display exhibits at schools

… powered by online volunteers: writers, editors, artists, translators

… community-powered national, regional and local editions

A live link from hero/ines to the world

A changemaking magazine for youth

A learning and education resource

A lifetime companion


How can we make changemaking part of daily life in real-time?



packages all we got, and serves the world’s hero/ines for constant interaction with their followers and supporters!

  • magazine
  • interaction, contributions
  • donations, petitions
  • live video streams, music
  • vlog show with interviews

The good, simple stuff, for daily life and presence. A nice bonus would be 

  • the YL cardgame as a game
  • tracking actions, impact and badges

Can we have Eric’s glorious perspective on – everything?


Okay, I am starting a youtube channel with podcasts etc.

  • with daily posts and playlists
  • on positive news
  • on youth leadership
  • on young heroInes
  • interviews and conversations
  • inviting questions and contributions
  • evolving into a SHOW with changemaker guests

New, fresh, exciting, high value, also for education.

How can we better support our teen & twen hero/ines?


Boost the world’s finest teen & twen hero/ines with your donations, to take their high impact initiatives to greater inter/national scale. 

What a wonderful way of adding purpose to our busy lives!


Scale Up! your support through fundraisers, mobilize your community using simple, efficient digital and print tools like posters, films, presentations, Philanthro-Parties on special dates and occasions. Set up an Outpost in cafes, shops, on markets and your online store.

Support in-kind, bring in your ideas, become part of taking today’s Gandhis’ missions to greater and inter/national scale! See your impact and success unfold over time on their vibrant social media, meet “live” on skype, even visit them in person. Document your experience on local media for even greater reach and impact.

Plus – spark and evolve local youth leadership by seeding media, giving presentations, forming partnerships and supporting inspired youth crews.

How can we make Youth Leadership integral part of learning culture – powered by students?


It is simple.

Craig Kielburger and WE have made “creating a good world for all” part of learning culture at 12,000 schools, bringing global issues to life with vivid, concrete examples and a focus on youth-powered charitable “service learning”, with student clubs.

We add social entrepreneurship with transformational solutions, higher degree of self-organization, more hero/ines. Like a Boss Battle upgrade.


We add the stories of 100+ young and adult heroInes with favorite causes and activities for everybody, adding social business, edible landscapes, changing laws and industries, eco-social campaigns, law and justice, media design to expand the scope, reach and impact.

We bring it alive with “Live On Skype” meetings and field partnerships with world-leading changemakers, options for self-organization beyond school, consultation for youth projects in response to local and global issues, official charity status and more.

We offer a full-time Warrior option that gains badges, credits, levels for impact and headlines made. It’s the stuff that makes CVs of awesome – a new species, a new character class on Earth, opening up young changemakers’ paths into societal positions of influence (view below).

How can youth grow up taking action with the Gandhis and Griffindores of our time? How can adults help?


CG RISING makes changemaking “the new sport” – with a constant drumbeat of action, common achievements and celebration – for maximum speed and impact.

CG RISING uses all elements of YL@SCHOOL in a year-round stream of action aligned with UN Days and global changemaking movements.

You can join as fan, amateur or full-time “changemaking athlete” committing to 3 missions every month (huge stuff) as YL WARRIORS!


Youth – form a crew, student club or warrior clan for year-round actions aligned with current UNITED NATIONS Days. Join 100+ heroInes with favorite causes and actions for everybody. Select your challenge level from simple to advanced for bigger impact.

Make hanging out with hero/ines your daily lifestyle. Be vital part of taking their groundbreaking initiatives global and literally SHAPE THE FUTURE, make HISTORY.

Earn credits for impact and headlines made, gain badges and level up for completed missions, vividly document actions for a CV of awesome. Get badges shipped as buttons and patches for end of season celebrations!

Adults – support by seeding, boosting, mentoring on demand.

Altogether, CG RISING is several things, to please everybody’s personality and priority angle of seeing the world

  • A self-paced youth leadership program
  • A modular non-/formal education program
  • A global changemaking community
  • A real-time adventure reality game

and it’s absolutely perfect for use in non-formal and formal school projects!

Can we connect kids “LIVE” to today’s superstar changemakers?




Teenage changemakers are in high demand at schools and events, but there is still opportunity for more, especially if we

  • add pre-meeting educational activities
  • enable post-meeting activities
  • enable contribution, joining, replicating heroInes’ initiatives
  • Skype Meetings across timezones

Also adult changemakers are available for Skype sessions

Can we create long-term collaboration projects with HeroInes?



  • upgrading the learning experience
  • bringing global issues and changemaking alive
  • feeling one’s agency
  • seeing success unfold
  • bringing in own ideas
  • even visiting them!
  • documenting the experience
  • and scale the campaign


  • benefitting heroInes
  • considerably boosting their initiatives

Can we unite teenage changemakers for profound encounters with like-hearted youth?


Spend time with like-hearted warriors, hero/ines and mages in epic natural settings; for one or multiple weeks. 

Discover the planet, a mix of natural and cultural heritage, hiking, canyoning, caving, rafting and animal communication. 

Protect the planet, meeting changemakers, exploring issues, learning methods, planning campaigns across countries and continents.

Bring your causes, initiatives and questions. Share responsibilities, build friendships, make lifelong memories. Stay, dig in deeper, join team roles.

A new level of training for badass changemakers. Be ready for surprise and magic.

EACH IS SIMPLE. And yet, each is a world-premiere. Let’s get them started.