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liberates my time, ensures mobility, resources for printing, and gives me peace of mind for vlogging, writing, designing, consulting and mentoring. You can donate to me personally via paypal, or Support YL Programs with larger amounts.


Thank you for supporting my work. It means a lot to me and gives a boost of spirit beyond the coins!

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Further ways to help and team up.

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to be featured in YL media, books, and educational programs. Go to FEEDBACK at or Thank you!

I seek Publishers

for my books. There’s not much available on young heroInes, so there’s a good chance that we can score. Can you help?

Team up to find Young HeroInes in your Country

with a call to media, organizations and schools.

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for YL programs. There are many unusual ways to help, also giving space for YL Camps, or sponsoring organic food, travel, holidays and prizes for young heroInes. Explore them here

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of YL books, calendars, mugs etc also supports YL operations of all sorts to 100%. Check out the ever growing YOUTH-LEADER Store.