Another important message and motivation for EVERYONE of us to boost kid and teenage youth leadership EVERYWHERE.

Chloe began to stand up to protect people and panet at age 12, and grew up as part of a record-setting student club. When she moved to college, she founded Divest Harvard, made the New York Times frontpage, got on national talkshows and DH became the icon of a global movement of colleges, state funds, churches and companies divesting more than $ 4,000 billion from fossil fuels.

Chloe has long documented her experiences on her blog FirstHereThenEverywhere, interviewing young activists and posting articles published on online media. She is also writing a book on how the climate movement can become a more powerful political force. In 2017, she has also written on the emerging phenomenon of youth running for political office.

Studies completed, Chloe has moved back to her home region, and … walking her writing as well as talk … she has run for office – door to door – raising voter participation by 40% and winning with 80% of the vote.

That’s what happens when youth grow up as changemakers.

That’s what happens when able, trusted, community-oriented changemakers announce to the people that they are now available to be voted into decision-making positions … to change things for good for people and planet.

Makes sense? Get involved! Boost youth leadership everywhere and follow Chloe online.