… and it’s been about time.

The Parkland students around Emma, Delaney, David, Alex, Cameron … have received global frontpage media coverage over several weeks. That’s a novelty, making me feel very excited. This is like a bell for a new era. Not so much for their core cause, but definitely for their greater cause – and for adults globally awakening to the spirit of youth leadership.

Here are just a few impressions for those who have not experienced these youth. The example of Emma’s raw passion getting people’s attention, just like Rose McGowan did with her speeches on #metoo, is a powerful lesson.

Those who have taken note and watched the amazing March live, you should know that the media silence does not mean that they have stopped. No. They are in fact scaling and evolving their work. Their March already shows how they unite youth across color and regions, groups that never got a voice on big media.

They have quickly learned that their own 30 minute traumatizing experience is daily reality for millions of youth living in poor neighbours, usually of people of color. They have taken them on board right away, and thinking on the greater issue of shaping the society they wish to see. Already, they have sparked hundreds of local groups working on enrolling young people to vote in every local and national election that comes their way. They are currently touring the USA for uniting across societal strata and class.

Now that the “pain, battle and sensation” factor have changed, global media once again show nothing – which is the ultimate FAIL, because they are missing to show the global young and adult public HOW one evolves a democratically engaged citizenry! But then again, media people are not changemakers, do not really care for people and planet and miss to live up to their role and purpose in society – uplifting the people and in times of crisis inspire and empower people to overcome it.

But that doesn’t mean that you could not watch, follow, learn and be part. You can follow them live on twitter. I create media and platforms uniting many such teenage changemakers, so that you can follow many with ease. And I help you with bigger picture, how to get involved and doing your part in awakening humanity.