Only the finest Solutions for a new, Good Civilization

Only the purest Spirit

#1 Priority : able, active, caring citizens


“empowering the young generation to be active citizens in a libertarian-democratic society”, which today also has to be sustainable, in a global, peacefully collaborating family of nations

Dude, adult generations suck at that.

Ergo, youth have to become entirely different, and upgrade to a new Operating System (OS)

  • no longer minions of monarchy; “centralized, proprietory OS”.
  • no longer voters of a beta stage democracy; “bugged decentralized OS”


… co-creators, inhabitants, stewards of a sustainable civilization of peace, joy & abundance for all; “organic, evolving, distributed OS, synched with the living planet / Universe”, so …

The idea of education is not to turn us into your kind of adults.

But into better adults than you have been.

Adora Svitak – “brightest kid on the planet”


to the ways of unsustainable, non-peaceful, failing societies.

Yes, I know, we are all kind people, and with a big smile we pass on this gift to the young generation today

20% child sex abuse, 2/3 ecosystem collapse, 50% cancer … I could add 50 such ugly items

by ignoring, even preventing and prohibiting changemaking at schools and beyond

… thereby forcing the dysfunctional ideas and trauma that we inherited from earlier failing societies that we hated as children – remember (??!!) on THE YOUNG

thereby dooming them to do the same to their children

– causing ultimate escalation of suffering.

Before anyone born into a society traumatized by millenia of empire fantasizes about “what it means to be a MAN” or “a WOMAN”, let’s begin with remembering what it means to act like an ADULT:

#Re-define Adult

_ a Guardian of a magnificent, magical, natural world in which the young can grow up with love, making magical memories, learning awesome things, personal growth, discovery, living dreams … 

_ a Guardian protecting the little and vulnerable ones from abuse, violence and exploitation

_ a Guardian protecting their bodies, minds and hearts from poison, pollution and fear

I don’t see many “adults” out there. Oh you “Real Men” what a laugh you are.

There are more real wo_MEN out there.

Speaking of fe/males …


to ab-use and feeding on others … for filling one’s own inner void.




I adamantly stand by my divine sisters

Zero tolerance for orkish behavior

“What’s wrong with these people acting like demons?”

Heal the men, so they learn to fill their inner void with their own feminine side and source, the sprinkling waters of bliss: sensuality


Adult generations are piling up mountains of atrocities on youth, for no reason but lack of love, but obscene greed and incompetence. 

To those who complain about YOUTH being a PROBLEM … youth, who have ZERO part, nor any say to any of this, who simply wish for peace and justice for everybody and are ridiculed for being uneducated, incomplete, emotional, naive … I do have words for them. Very ugly words.


I cannot even voice the immeasurable suffering of animals in factory farms pelt and skin farms laboratories.

Do you know what species extinction feels like?


The Goddess of the Queendom of Nature is a living, conscious super organism.

Can you imagine what she feels about her innocent children

  • being hunted and EXTINCT
  • herded, tortured, cut apart, roasted, stuffed into bellies

for no reason but PLEASURE.

Remember : The Solutions Exist by the 1,000s.

I set the goal of

0% suffering of 0% destruction

This means

  • sexual abuse of children from 20% to 0%
  • rape from 30% to 0%
  • cancer, diabetes, heart disease from 50% to 0
  • poison on and in our foods, down to 0
  • chemicals in water down to, yes, 0

Do you agree?

Or do you prefer that we KEEP

  • some sexual abuse of kids?
  • some rape?
  • some cancer?
  • How much? 10%?
Here are more goals that I stand for

  • extinction from 150 species per day to 0
  • gang gun violence to 0
  • food deserts to 0
  • grave poverty to 0
  • crappy schools to 0
  • wars to 0
  • landgrabbing to 0
  • extinction of tribes to 0
  • killing of nature defenders to 0
  • incompetent people in government down to 0
  • dishonorable people in government down to 0


Yea, says the moron monarchist about democracy.

Yea, shameless idealist I am, like Craig Kielburger, who did not listen to adults, and who made countless “hopeless, impossible” things possible, and now has action teams in 12,000 schools.

The solutions exist.

All we need to do is implement them.

It is a question of


… a question of truly feeling and caring about LIFE, of truly loving that there is LIFE on EARTH

Good heavens DO YOU? 

Then act like when you see your babies in front on a truck, or under the hands of some leering, drooling monster, because that is Earth’s and youth’s situation right now,

and this is what LOVE means – to ACT!

I will not leave the young generation alone with the abominations and the path to oblivion and slavery created by failing generations before them

I call them for a SPEEDRUN to a BRIGHT NEW WORLD

Speedrun [gaming] : “achieving a game’s goal as quickly as possible, without distraction or delay”

That’s why I do this.

Hanta Yo

clear the way

Fit for all honorable people to get involved.

“No matter what color, creed or gender.

All honorable people belong to the same tribe.”

Uncle Tubulls. NUPA TATANKA